Morning workout vs evening workout

by in Fitness January 25, 2019

The dawn is not distant, nor is the night starless but the truth is whether you choose the dawn or the dusk for working out, the effect of training depends on what you actually do during your workout sessions…

In the world of health and fitness, while a few experts feel that morning workouts are advantageous, other fitness professionals believe that the opposite of it to be true. Surprisingly both the thoughts are backed with the science and research. But nevertheless, more than any science or the subjective opinions that support both morning and evening workouts, the best bet is to pick a workout time that aligns with the long-term goals, the time when you personally enjoy, the time when the exercise makes you feel good and the time when you could be more consistent. When your mind is set to sweat out in the gym, whether you choose to be a night owl in the weight room or an early morning gym lark, here is the breakdown of the benefits gym enthusiasts could enjoy based on the time they train their bodies.

Benefits of Morning workout:

  • Consistency:

    Morning workouts are out-of-the-way routine because, in the morning time, there is less time for family, friends, commuting, evening plans, late nights in the office and other distractions to get in the way. This could make it easier for any individual to stay on track and be consistent with a fitness regime and a person who is consistent will always be led to excellence.

  • Elevates the mood:

    Working out in the morning boosts the metabolism and stimulates endomorphins and other mood-elevators. This results in a better frame of mind for the rest of day and also improves energy levels. According to a study conducted by the University of Bristol, working out before the day begins, can improve the mental alertness, sharpness, keep the body energized, calm and productive.

  • Get a better night’s sleep:

    According to the research conducted by Appalachian State University, the gym enthusiasts who stormed through the training session in the morning itself could sleep faster than those who would work out in the afternoon or at nights.

  • Gyms are quieter:

    If you are someone who hates to wait for your turn to use the treadmill or someone who hates to be pushed around, try your luck in the early morning. Gyms are quieter in the mornings than in the evenings and you could definitely get more elbow room.

  • Convenience:

    Are you a person who would be very lethargic in the mornings? Then, you can basically go to bed in the workout attire. As soon as you wake up, you can just pop in your favorite fitness DVD and start working out. Along with being convenient, it gives you “Seize the day” attitude.

  • Better for weight loss:

    As mentioned before, morning workouts kickstart the metabolism of the body. As a result, it burns out more calories. And working out in the morning encourages the body to burn fat from fat stores instead of carbohydrates. Alongside, it also motivates you to be healthier.

  • Healthy Breakfast:

    With a new day comes new strength and new thoughts. When a person is starting his day with an exercise routine, he is typically making up his mind and setting himself for a healthy domino effect for the entire day. A healthy morning workout can make it easier to incorporate a balanced breakfast into the schedule and set up the body for a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits of Evening Workouts:

  • Stress Relief:

    In this modern world, stress is inevitable. Scientific studies have linked the weight gain to increased levels of stress. But there are also a few research which backs the fact that the stress hormone can increase the individual’s graving for not-so-good-for-you foods. Having an outlet (such as kickboxing, weightlifting, rigorous physical training) for the stress at the end of the long working day can be a healthy way to combat the stress.

  • Easier to find a companion:

    A friend or a colleague or a personal trainer are easily available in the evenings compared to the morning 5 AM training sessions.

  • Encourages to compete:

    Gyms generally offer different types of classes in the evenings rather than morning hours. This obviously leads to packed post-work classes. It could encourage you to compete against fellow gym enthusiasts and work harder.

  • Strength:

    If you are not a morning person, you would have undoubtedly hit the snooze button before crawling out of your bed to hit the gym. But walking on the treadmill during your sleepy mood would mostly feel like sleepwalking, as opposed to logging in a few tough miles before work. On the other hand, if you plan to hit the gym in the later part of the day, you could eat sufficiently and fuel the body throughout the day and be prepared for the tough workout.

  • Mornings will be calmer:

    If you are someone who likes to be in your tucked bed in the early mornings, then opting for evening/night workouts could be perfect. IT won’t steal away your early morning precious Zzz’s.

  • Your body is prepared:

    Studies support the fact that joints and muscles are more flexible in the evenings compared to the mornings. This means your body is less prone to injuries and also, you can also work out for long.

So, what is the best time to workout?

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what time works best for you to follow the routine. Sticking to a specific workout plan isn’t easy while we have competing demands of work and family in hand. But there is always an advantage of being regular, if you select a time, dedicate that time for workouts and stick to it, regardless of whether it is in morning or evening. But remember, consistency is the key. After all, Consistent action creates consistent result!

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