D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

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DAA (D-Aspartic Acid)

“The worst thing I can be is being the same as everybody else”
-Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bodybuilders are outspoken and always look out for the ways to build bulky muscles which are stronger, leaner and healthier. And that is the exact reason why they keep probing for the best supplements in the market. Among various supplements, D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) is one of the supplements that is showing promising results in the bodybuilding community. But at the same time, there are controversies revolving around the effectiveness of this supplement in bodybuilding. This article helps you discover DAA’s benefits.

What is DAA?

Amino acids are the building block of proteins, a certain type of hormones and neurotransmitters. Almost every amino acid can occur in two different forms: L-amino acid and D-amino acids. Aspartic acid is no exception.

Aspartic acid is a non-essential amino acid found in animals and humans. Aspartic Acid has two natural forms – L-Aspartic Acid and D-Aspartic Acid. Individual molecules of L-Aspartic acid and D-Aspartic acid use the same chemical formula (C4H7NO4) but the difference between these two forms of Aspartic Acid is its molecular arrangement. L-Aspartic acid and D-Aspartic acid are the mirror images of each other. Just like their different alignment in space, they have different properties too.

L-Aspartic acid combines with other amino acids to form proteins whereas D-Aspartic Acid exists freely in the tissues and plays role in producing and releasing hormones in the body. D-Aspartic Acid plays the role of hormone-releasor in the brain and results in the testosterone production. Due to its functions, D-Aspartic acid is also known as a testosterone-boosting supplement. The roles and benefits of DAA are specific to it and do not exchange with or extend to aspartic acid or L-aspartate.

D-Aspartic Acid Action Mechanism

The main action mechanism of D-Aspartic Acid is mainly in the nervous and endocrine system. It plays a major role in hormone production and release of it. DAA also aids in the nervous system (brain and nerve cells) development.

  • Improves brain development:

    DAA plays role in brain development before and after birth by sparking nerve development. It creates awareness of the surrounding environment.

  • Neurotransmitter:

    Neurotransmitters are endogenous chemicals that enable neurotransmission. DAA as a neurotransmitter helps in the production and enhancement of the nerve signals. It further stimulates brain connection, stores memories and promotes learning.

  • Increases Hormones:

    DAA stimulates the production of hormones such as testosterone in testes, progesterone, luteinizing hormone (LH) in the pituitary gland in the brain, prolactin, growth hormone, oxytocin and other hormones that are involved in the protein synthesis, development of muscle, sexual functions, and regulation of blood pressure.

Considering all these positive modes of action D-Aspartic acid could have on the human body, it deserves to obtain a place in the fitness supplement stack.

Health Benefits of D-Aspartic Acid:

As we are now aware of how DAA has earned fame in the fitness industry, let us know furthermore about why it deserves to exist in the fitness area.

  1. May boost testosterone levels:

    According to various sources, the dietary supplements of D-Aspartic Acid have testosterone-boosting abilities. But according to some other studies, it is stated that DAA supplements boost the testosterone levels only in healthy but relatively inactive, non-resistance-training men for a short time period.

  2. May increase Sperm Quality:

    A man’s fertility usually relies on the quality and quantity of the sperm. DAA might help deal with it. DAA dietary supplements or DAA-rich foods might increase male fertility greatly by increasing the testosterone and other sex hormones. It controls the development of healthy and fully-functional sperm needed for reproduction. Taking 2.66 g of DAA daily for 90 days could boost the sperm count and improve the swimming ability of the sperm.

  3. A measure of female fertility:

    The lower the DAA, the lower is the quality of egg and the number of successful pregnancies. It might be because of the reason that the egg quality is influenced by DAA which occurs naturally in the follicular fluid that surrounds, protects and nourishes the female egg.

  4. Predicts aging:

    The naturally occurring L-Aspartic Acid starts converting into D-Aspartic Acid in the tissues and organs as the human body gets old. As a result, the levels of D-Aspartic acid increase with age. This kind of change helps in tracking and predicting the age of the human body.

  5. Maybe a Nootropic:

    According to a research study, the free molecules of D-Aspartic acid increases the levels of enzyme which could alter the D-form of amino acids. This boosted the memory and thought processes in the brain.

Dosage of D-Aspartic Acid:

Poison is in everything. But the benefits of it depends on the dosage! So, what is the dosage that could make D-Aspartic acid a medicine to your body?

The standard dose of D-Aspartic Acid is between 2 to 3 g per day. It is recommended to consume this supplement each day. Some studies have indicated that 3 g per day have been effective on young and middle-aged, physically inactive humans. However, the same dose is shown to be ineffective in active human beings. To obtain benefits of improving the sperm quality and quantity, a dose of 2.6 g DAA each day for 90 days is recommended.

Side effects and safety of DAA:

The safe dosage of DAA i.e. 2.66 to 6 g daily, doesn’t pose any long-term, harmful side effects in humans for 90 days. However, the effect of consuming more than the safe dosage and beyond 90 days is not yet well researched. On the other hand, some of the users of DAA reported irritability, headaches, and nervousness. Those are some subjective side effects.
DAA dietary supplements are not recommended for women and children due to lack of scientific research and evidence of its effects. In a nutshell, the information about the side effects of DAA is limited.

Although the potential side effects of D-Aspartic acid hasn’t been backed up with much of scientific research and evidence, there are a good number of benefits of DAA which you might enjoy. DAA has the ability to improve human fertility by boosting testosterone levels and sperm count. It is not particularly beneficial for bodybuilders, unlike Creatine and proteins.

Without a doubt, taking the supplements involve weighing the benefits against the risks. So, measure the benefits, ensure benefits are higher than the harmful effects and then, relish the goodness of this D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) supplement.

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